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MGED - Board of Directors meeting -- Friday July 19, 11:20 AM

Attendees: Paul Spellman, Gavin Sherlock, Charles Troup (acting Secretary), and Cathy Ball (non voting)

Paul Spellman: We should follow Robert's rules of order. A web site was found ( <> ) and the rules were followed in spirit if not to the letter practiced.

Meeting Called to Order.

Meeting Agenda:


1) Agree on Bylaws

Agreed to by signature.

2) Set the number of directors.

Set to 17.

3) Elect directors.

Elected (see list below).

4) Elect officers

Elected 3 officers (Alvis Brazma - President; Ron Taylor - Secretary;
Paul Spellman - Treasurer)

5) Set date of the next meeting.

Set for Tuesday, July 30 2002 at 9:00 AM PDT

Paul Spellman introduced a hard copy of the MGED bylaws. The Bylaws were adopted by signature with Paul, Gavin and Charles signing.

Paul Spellman: How many directors do we have?
Charles Troup: We have 17 active advisors as of the last mailing.
Paul Spellman: I motion that we set the number of directors to be 17.
Charles, Gavin: Agreed.
There was some confusion on the number of active directors but we realized that one email address was listed twice on the last list of active advisors.

Paul Spellman: I nominate:
Ronald Taylor ( ),
Chris Stoeckert ( ; ),
Barbara Jasny ( ),
Jason Stewart ( ),
Jason Goncalves ( ),
John Quackenbush ( ),
Martin Ringwald( ),
Pascal Hingamp ( ),
Terry Gaasterland ( ),
Yoshio Tateno ( ),
Helen Parkinson ( ),
Cathy Ball ( ),
Helen Causton( ), and
Alvis Brazma( )
to the board of directors of the MGED Soceity.

Charles, Gavin: Agreed. Nominations adopted. Congratulations to all newly approved directors.

Charles will supply email with the minutes for verification.

Paul Spellman: As officers I nominate:
Alvis Brazma -- President
Ron Taylor -- Secretary

Charles, Gavin: Agreed. Nominations adopted.

Gavin Sherlock: As an officer I nominate:
Paul Spellman -- Treasurer

Charles, Paul: Agreed. Nomination adopted. Congratulations to all newly approved officers.

Charles asked about other officer nominations. It was agreed that if other officers were needed that they could be nominated and approved at the next meeting.

It was agreed by all that the next meeting would be held on July 30, 2002 at 9:00 PDT.

Details are:

*       Time of Meeting: 9:00 AM (US/Pacific Time)

*       Length of Meeting: 90 minutes

*       Number of Locations: 17

*       Meeting ID: 8995

*       Meeting Name: MGED

Meeting concluded. Speak with you all on July 30.


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