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MGED July 30, 2002 board meeting (via conference call)

Attending (via conference call):

1) Paul Spellman
<>                 (treasurer)
2) Gavin Sherlock
3) Jason Goncalves
4) Helen Causton
5) Alvis Brazma
<>                           (president)
6) Ronald Taylor
<>         (secretary)
7) Martin Ringwald
8) Barbara Jasny
9) Chris Stoeckert
10) Charles Troup
11) Jason Stewart
12) Terry Gaasterland
                     - also:
13) Helen Parkinson


1) John Quackenbush
2) Pascal Hingamp
3) Cathy Ball
4) Yoshio Tateno



10:09 AM MT
Meeting called to order by Alvis.

Meeting items:

1) the general modus operandi in the near future

Alvis: proposed that we create a general list of goals for ourselves first, then work later on targeted activity lists for our different audiences.

Board vote: Agreed.

Paul: proposed that working group chairs will report at next board meeting on their planned activities during coming year.

Board vote: Agreed.

2) raising the sponsorship/grant/subscription money for MGED

Discussion of what sponsorship should or should not include, time frames, donation levels, etc.

Paul: proposed that he will draft a sponsorship plan, to present to the board.

Board vote: Agreed.

Discussion of need for overall business plan.

Paul: proposed the formation of a finance committee.

Board vote: Agreed.

Nominations for the proposed 4-person finance committee:
Helen Parkison, Terry, Ron, and Paul will make up a four-person finance committee.

Board vote: Agreed.

3) rotating/updating the board of directors in the future

Treasurer (Paul) informed the board that the by-laws say that we have elections once every year. No limit on the number of terms per person.

Discussion of the creation a two-tier system, with a secondary board of advisors, recommended by Alvis.

Paul: proposed that we organize a board of advisors, under Alvis's direction.

Board vote: Agreed.

Board members will send their suggestions to Alvis.

4) news on the MGED 5 conference

No new news on MGED 5. Unfortunately, Dr. Yoshio Tateno, its organizer, could not present for this conference call.

August 15, 02 update:
There is now a page describing the MGED 5 conference at
which is on a link from the main site.

5) the MGED/AAAS February 2002 meeting in Denver

Discussion on speakers and fundraising. It was proposed that we abide with the fundraising agreement made in the April 2002 conference call with the AAAS.

Board vote: Agreed.

It was also agreed that the MGED point people for the Denver conference will be the new finance committee.

6) MIAME checklist for journals

Alvis: proposed that we post the checklist on the MGED web page and offer it to several journals. Also, offer to write editorials, individualized for each journal.

BJ: recommended that the format for "Science" be a letter of under 700 words.
That would not get into copyright issues, and she will recommend publication.

Board vote: Agreed.

Alvis: proposed that the existing checklist be sent to the MIAME mailing list for feedback. Also, that in approaching journals, we can split the task as to writing the customizing accompanying letters.

Board vote: Agreed.

7) agenda for the MGED representative meeting at the ISMB-02 conference in Edmonton, Canada

No separate, new issues were proposed for discussion at ISMB-02. It was agreed that the board members who will attend ISMB-02 can take up the issues on this current agenda that would benefit from face time.
This will be a "brain-storming", informal meeting.

Helen Parkinson, Terry, Chris, and Ron will be at the ISMB-02 meeting.

Time and location:
informal MGED meeting will be in Salon 19, from 10 a.m. to Noon on Tuesday Aug 6, 2002, at ISMB-02.

8) date and time for the next phone conference call

Paul: proposed a monthly board meeting by phone conference on the last Tuesday of each month at 9 AM Pacific Time.

Board vote: Agreed.

Ron, as secretary, will have the responsibility of sending a written notification to each board member that must arrive at least two days before each scheduled board meeting, according to the bylaws.

The next phone conference meeting was set for Tues Aug 27th 9 AM Pacific Time

It was agreed that Alvis should put together an agenda for this next meeting, with a possible rotation of this duty after that.

9) reimbursement for Jason Stewart's work

Ron: proposed that Jason Stewart be provided reimbursement for travel expenses associated with his MAGE programming jamboree work. This totals about $700.

Board vote: Agreed.

Meeting adjurned at ~11:05 AM by Alvis


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