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Tues 22/01/03 conference call MGED board meeting

Meeting minutes
MGED notes 20030197

Present at meeting:
Paul Spellman (acting secretary)
Alvis Brazma
Helen Causton
Pascal Hingamp
Gavin Sherlock (leaves at 9:00am)
Chris Stoeckert
Helen Parkinson
Barbara Jasny
John Quackenbush (8:17am)
Jason Goncalves (8:30am)

Steve Chervitz
Michael Miller

Paul went over resolutions from attorneys:

Authorization to open bank accounts APPROVED BY ALL BOARD MEMBERS
Authorization to authorize refiling articles of incorporation APPROVED BY ALL BOARD MEMBERS
Skip amended bylaws

Iobion has pledged money.
Sun has supported jamboree $2K and written check to Stanford for $3K. 
Check will be returned and later reissued to MGEDS.

Start round of calls to donors.  Gavin and Helen C will help out.

At 8:17a.m. Joined John Quackenbush

Alvis will put up Sun's logo on the mged site.  Iobion logo presently up.

Alvis wants to talk about schedule for Denver meeting.

1) Big picture goals of MGED
2) How to help and what to expect in terms of annotations.
      Michael thinks people generally agree on the outline of what annotations should look like.
      JQ suggests examples from Rosetta.
3) Major projects and Funding
      Ontology for human and mouse anatomy (cross-mapping)
      Standards for proteomics
      Biomaterial preparations
      Protocols for microarrays (design, manufacture, and hybridization w/ NIST)
      Other efforts?
      Human Expression encyclopedia
4) Future board construction
Jason Goncalves joins at 8:30

Pascal -- Discussion of MGED 6

1) Posters?
      Gavin and others, about 50.
2) Filming presentations?
      no one will watch.
3) Tutorials - require laptops?
      Gavin most will have laptops.
      Get apple, compaq, sun, ibm to loan machines?
        gavin -- sun and apple
        paul -- ibm
        pascal -- compaq
4) Schedule
      Early first day, late third day.
      3/2 days tutorials and WGs
      3/2 days sessions
      3 hour working groups
        Paul too short for MAGE
        Michael -- a jamboree?
      4 hours for ontologies
        Barbara -- Record tutorials?
                Record audio only?
      Jamboree at the end?
      Gavin will chair program committee

        Paul -- Shoot for no more than two sponsors to underwrite the meeting

        Pascal post on site february
        Paul seems rather early, how about May?
        Pascal open registration early April
        Alvis (and others) post meeting and speakers ASAP      
        Industry and late fees extra

        Alvis Proteomics Julio Merales?
                Suggestions to Gavin
MIAME Support

MIAME Compliant software

Jason Goncalves
        System to certify software
        Two steps
                first step human curator to verify a named location in the software 
for all MIAME fields
                second does it make valid MAGE-ML
        Suggest we use the EBI annotators
        Alvis -- People can be paid at EBI, even as a consultant
                EMBL has commercial arm so this is not a problem
        Each submission will be billed a certain number of hours and then will 
be billed an hourly rate.
        Jason will initially develop plan worried about conflict.
        Paul -- Get Iobion, Rosetta, Affymetrix to develop guidelines.
        Jason -- we will give a draft process to Alvis and Helen.
        Paul -- other companies too?
        Michael Miller -- Charles Troup too.
        JQ -- TIGR is interested (Joe White)
        Jason -- I'll get us together and we'll report back at Denver.

Chris Stoeckert
Ontology Jamboree
make core ontology flow with MAGE model (rename and restructure).
first pass posted (as of December)
second OJ (six, Stoeckert, Parkinson, Ball, Spellman, White, and 
goal final core ontology by MGED6
Paul -- current versions always posted

Paul Spellman
MAGE Jamboree
Much documenting of the model
        Michael -- commercial folks
                Java code near Perl code in development
                RFP for Query service submitted
                RFI for MAGE2 not submitted
                RFP for MAGE2 in progress
                Documenting of model should be ok for v1.1
        Alvis will there be a revision to MAGE1
        Michael -- maybe
        Steve is documentation checked into sourceforge
        Michael, no posted to list, just a MS word document
        Steve will post if sent to me


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