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MGED August 27, 2002 board meeting (via conference call)

Attending (via conference call):

1) Paul Spellman
<>                 (treasurer)
2) Gavin Sherlock
3) Jason Goncalves
4) Helen Causton
5) Alvis Brazma
<>                           (president)
6) Ronald Taylor
<>         (secretary)
7) Martin Ringwald
8) Cathy Ball
9) Chris Stoeckert
10) Jason Stewart
11) Terry Gaasterland
                     - also:


1) Barbara Jasny
2) John Quackenbush
3) Pascal Hingamp
4) Charles Troup
5) Helen Parkinson
6) Yoshio Tateno



10:07 AM MT
Meeting called to order by Paul.

Meeting items:

1) MGED task list

Alvis proposed that the task list can be reviewed and, hopefully, finalized at the next board meeting at MGED 5, after the working group heads provide comments to Alvis via email between now and then.

Board vote: Agreed.

2) Advisory board proposal

Alvis proposed that the proposal be reviewed and finalized at the board meeting at MGED 5, after email feedback from the board.

Board vote: Agreed.

3) Sponsorship and finances - Finance committee report

Paul ran through the proposed costs and income for an annual budget. Pascal, as organizer of MGED 6 in fall 2003, was advised to start working on a tentative budget. Much discussion about what a MAGE certification process should be and how to proceed with that.

Paul proposed a new committee to create and then handle a certification process.

Board vote: Agreed.

Jason G, Helen C, Jason S (for a secondary role), Alvis, and Cathy volunteered for this new certification committee.

Also: Paul proposed that he hire a lawyer to handle the filing of our legal forms and taxes.

Board vote: Agreed.

4) Membership rules and payments

Paul was worried about the overhead of creating paid memberships, and the decrease in flexibility. Alvis proposed that we wait until the Feb 2002 Denver AAAS/MGED meeting to pursue this topic.

Board vote: Agreed.

Paul proposed that the full board meet at MGED 5 to draw up a list of things a MGED sponsor is entitled to do.

Board vote: Agreed.

5) Affiliations and relationships with I3C, HUPO

Alvis proposed that he talk to HUPO (Human Proteome Organization). They are organizing a meeting in Hinxton this fall and have invited Alvis to talk about MGED. He will go and see how close we are to what they do and what we want to do with them. We can then talk further about possible affiliation.

Board vote: Agreed.

Jason Stewart proposed that he talk to Brian Gilman of the I3C regetting somebody from the I3C on our advisory board and putting one of our board members on their equivalent.

Board vote: Agreed.

Alvis proposed that, regarding the ISCB, we table the matter of becoming an affiliated society for now and revisit the issue next year, before or during ISMB-03. Also, that we discuss at our upcoming meetings, before the Feb 2003 deadline, whether to submit one or more proposals for an MGED tutorial or tutorials at ISMB-03.

Board vote: Agreed.

6) MGED 5

Nothing new to report; all current info is on the MGED web site. Board members going: Paul, Jason G., Ron, Gavin, Alvis, Helen Parkinson, Yoshio, Cathy (possible)

7) proposed MGED session at OReilly conference in early Feb 03 and proposed MAGEstk jamboree in-between the OReilly conference and the Denver AAAS/MGED meeting later in Feb 03

Jason Stewart was concerned that Alvis's proposed addition of a MAGEstk jamboree in Feb 2003 put too many meetings in one month. He proposed that we drop it.

Board vote: Agreed.

Alvis also proposed a MAGE session at the OReilly Feb 2003 conference
itself. Jason Stewart then proposed that he talk to OReilly to get a
possible time frame for a MAGE session (possibly a two hour slot,
maybe more) and talk about possible presentation ideas, then report
back to the board.

Board vote: Agreed.

8) Presence at ISMB-03

We had already discussed this topic, settling on possible tutorials as our presence. See above.

9) MGED travelling tutorials

Terry proposed MGED tutorial days with paid registration. Paul proposed that Rockefeller can put one on. We can see what the response is. Rockefeller could collect the money this time around.

Board vote: Agreed.

Jason Stewart proposed that we hold two days of tutorials at the late Oct - early Nov MAGE programming jamboree in the Stanford area, charging $100 for two days of tutorials.

Board vote: Agreed.

10) MGED 6 - organized by Pascal, to be held in France in fall 2003

Paul: Pacal is not present, so we do not know much this meeting will cost at present and cannot ask him. But we should encourage him to get us a budget as quickly as possible, so we can check that against the finance committee's proposed budget.

Board vote: Agreed.

11) agenda for the MGED 5 board meeting

Paul: we will simply carry over the things talked about today.

Board vote: Agreed.

Additional issue brought up by Jason Stewart: All of the MAGE spec pages on the OMG web site are now password protected in a member-only area. He just found out about this, vigorously disagrees with this policy, and is disturbed by it. He also is a bit confused as to the status of the MGED spec in this OMB "finalization" phase and its Finalization Task Force (FTF). Michael Miller has been posting calls to vote to the MAGE mailing list, but that has been the only source of news. The FTF has its own private mailing list. This is worrysome - there is no forum to discuss the issues coming up for a vote in the FTF. He does not know what to do about this. What bothers him more than not being able to vote is that the process is completely opaque. There is no way to provide feedback. Alvis proposed that Jason Stewart write a short position paper on our concerns about the OMG process and the future development of MAGE, for our possible future negotiations with the OMG on the process for MAGE 2 development.

Board vote: Agreed.

Paul: The next board meeting will be at MGED 5 on Tuesday Sept 24th
at 1 PM (Tokyo).

Paul: closed the meeting at ~ 11:30 AM MT time.

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