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An Interactive Database System for High-Throughput Expression Analysis

Peter Young, Bing Ren, John Barnett, Ezra Jennings and Richard A. Young

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, 9 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142

As high-throughput expression monitoring technologies mature, it is becoming apparent that extracting the biological information buried in large datasets can only be achieved if these data are publicly available and can be analyzed using multiple computational tools.  We have built a comprehensive database system that meets these goals.  This system, implemented using an Oracle8 database server, allows remote access to the database through web-interfaces.
All tasks such as collection, processing, analysis, querying and retrieval of data are performed through the Internet, thus allowing a potentially unlimited number of people to mine the data.  The system supports several commonly used data analysis approaches, such as cross-sample comparisons and gene clustering.  It stores analysis results, which can then be queried and used for further comparisons with functional categorizations.  Furthermore, the system also supports the integration of additional analysis tools in the form of Java applets.  This database system could serve as a model for the management of large sets of microarray data in individual laboratories as well as genome research centers. 

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