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The Second International Meeting on Microarray Data Standards, Annotations, Ontologies and Databases - MGED2

May 25 - 27, 2000
 DKFZ and EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

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This meeting is the follow-up of the meeting held in European  Bioinformatics Institute in November (see Nature, 403, 17 Feb, 699-700) where draft recommendations on microarray data representation and annotation were accepted (see
previous meeting) and five working groups:

  1. microarray experiment annotations;
  2. XML data exchange format;
  3. ontologies for sample description;
  4. normalisation, quality control, and cross platform data comparison;
  5. database queries and future database users;

were established. The main goals of this meeting will be to finalise and accept the second draft of the standards for annotating, storing, and communicating microarray data. In particular to

  1. review the work of the working groups established in the previous meeting and to facilitate their work;
  2. to revise and accept the next draft of the "minimum information about published microarray experiments" (see previous meeting´s recommendations)
  3. to accept the XML based specification for microarray data;
  4. to discuss the latest developments in microarray data bioinformatics and specifically databases, and to exchange opinions.

The number of participants will be restricted to 250. The meeting will begin by a plenary session that will include reports from the working groups, review of recent developments in microarray databases (including GeneX, GEO, ArrayExpress) and other related developments.  It will followed by parallel sessions in working groups and the final plenary session. See the
agenda for a detailed programme.

Participation fee (in Euro):




Early (March 25)






You can pay via cheque or creditcard (see registration form).

Local information: 1 hour from Frankfurt airport, see the hotels page for more information on the venue.

This meeting is sponsered by:

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This program has been supported by an educational grant from Glaxo Wellcome Inc.  Glaxo Wellcome did not provide any input into the content of this educational program.  Therefore, the information contained in the program may not support the views and opinions of GW 



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