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The Second International Meeting on Microarray Data Standards, Annotations, Ontologies and Databases - MGED2

May 25 - 27, 2000
 DKFZ and EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany


Programme Committee

    Alvis Brazma (EMBL-EBI) - Chair

    Mike Bittner (NHGRI)
    Mike Cherry (Stanford University)
    Joerg Hoheisel (DKFZ)
    Frank Holstege (University Medical Center Utrecht)
    Juli Klemm (Incyte)
    Alex Lash (NCBI)
    Hary Mangalam (NCGR)
    Victor Markowitz (Gene Logic)
    Alan Robinson (EMBL-EBI)
    Paul Spellman (Berkeley)
    Jaak Vilo (EMBL-EBI)
    Martin Vingron (DKFZ)

Organising Committee

    Martin Vingron (DKFZ) - Chair

    Wilhelm Ansorge (EMBL)
    Alvis Brazma (EMBL-EBI)
    Benedikt Brors (DKFZ)
    Joerg Hoheisel (DKFZ)
    Jean-Jack Riethoven (EMBL-EBI)
    Alan Robinson (EMBL-EBI)


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