MicroArray and Gene Expression - MAGE

This is the homepage for the MAGE group. The group aims to provide a standard for the representation of microarray expression data that would facilitate the exchange of microarray information between different data systems.


MAGE-TAB is the currently recommended best practice approach. More details available from:

Other Detailed Information

Through the OMG (Object Management Group) the establishment of a data exchange model (MAGE-OM: Microarray Gene Expression - Object Model) and data exchange format (MAGE-ML: Microarray Gene Expression - Markup Language) for microarray expression experiments has been done. MAGE-OM has been modelled using the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and MAGE-ML has been implemented using XML (eXtensible Markup Language). MAGEstk (or MAGE Software Toolkit) is a collection of packages that act as converters between MAGE-OM and MAGE-ML under various programming platforms.

There are guidelines on how to encode MIAME in MAGE-ML.

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Note: MAML (Microarray Markup Language) is no longer supported by MGED and has been replaced by MAGE-ML.

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